PYB chandlery PLUS

made FOR sailors & yachtsmen BY sailors & yachtsmen.

Multimedia collage

See what the manufacturer has to say about this compact VHF...a must have on the water! PS it's on sale too!

  • Be Prepared for an Emergency!

    The Marine 3500 is perfect for long range trips far from immediate medical care.  Contains enough supplies for boats carrying a large crew size.  

    Medical management for most medical emergencies.

    Safety First

  • The #1 most important item

    Orca Auto 1300 12V Automatic Bilge Pump Orca Family - compact and powerful electric bilge pumps designed to be installed deep in the bilge.

  • Fun comes after safety!

    Aqua Leisure 10.6 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Drop Stitch w/Oversized Backpack f/Board Accessories

    Paddle and Explore